Yukan Island 2: Fateful Expedition [v1.00] #LBPUScareFair

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Created by chi_chi154_2 in LittleBigPlanet 1 on 10/9/2023


After reaching the Lighthouse in the imagisphere, Sackboy finds himself in an expedition crew to scour the ruins of Yukan Island from after the Invasion of the Scryptids. However, there's some strange things going on... [Rating - RGAR 3 - Blood, Violence]


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anthonymoua : I will admit that I cheated to get to the boss fight, then the boss broke and I softlocked.

11/11/2023 @ 12:00:43 AM

chi_chi154_2 : Also, two more tips: You can get SackCoins from the fish in the lake, and play on LBP1 if you can.

10/27/2023 @ 11:06:38 PM

chi_chi154_2 : If you're having troubles getting through the level, try consulting the yellow info boxes and NPCs.

10/25/2023 @ 3:30:29 AM

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The logic in this level is fairly impressive for lbp1, but it's very unclear what to do and the gameplay is painfully tedious, and things break a lot. Not very robust and very frustrating.

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